Professional substrates

Professional substrates

Since 2012 Agromarket has become the official importer and distributor of professional substrates for production of flowers and vegetable seedlings of the renowned factory Terracult from Germany. In 2013 official distributorship has been expanded to the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, Montenegro and Macedonia. Agromarket offers the most professional programme of Terracult substrates named “BLUE LINE”. Further expansion of Agromarket offer has been planned for the next seasons: two more lines, for production of fruit and vegetable cultivars in so-called hydroponics or organic beds-substrates.

Terracult “BLUE LINE” is a line of standard substrates marked TC1 and TC10. Formulations of these substrates have been tested by many professional producers of seedlings and fruit all over the world. These 10 formulations entirely satisfy the needs of 80% of the market of cultivated garden plants starting from flower production to professional production of vegetable seedlings. Terracult “Blue line” substrates also hold the best ratio of quality/price and are produced by the most modern lines for formulating and mixing so that the structure of the peat used as the primary substance remains unchanged. Additives used as improvement are of high quality (granulated clay, pearlite, fertilizers, micro elements, slowly-soluble nutrients) and are mixed with the product according to standard procedures till the final product “blue line” substrate is obtained.   

Quality control:

Each step in production of Terracult substrates, from exploitation of the primary substance to mixing and preparation of substrates for use, is controlled by QCS (quality control services) system. QCS system of quality provides continuous checking of biological, physical and chemical characteristics of the substrates according to regulations set for production process.

Having controlled each series by QCS method we can offer our clients the best warranty possible concerning the quality of TERRACULT substrates.