Agricultural estate “ PD Zaječar”

Agricultural estate “ PD Zaječar”

The Agricultural estate “Zaječar” in Zaječar consolidates both production and processing of field crops and growing and processing of fruit. Situated in the East of Serbia, with neighbouring Romania and Bulgaria, in the vicinity of the Danube (55 km), the PD „Zaječar“ has many open possibilities for using road, railway or water transportation. In its possession are land, cultivars, warehouses and processing. With these advantages, smart management and people as immeasurable resourse the recipe for success is guaranteed. Since 2008 it has been operating as part of Agromarket Group.

The basis of crop production includes seed production of cultivars and hybrids of leading domestic and foreign selection brands. On the area of almost 1200ha many cultivars of triticale, wheat, barley, herbs, as well as sunflower and leguminous plants (lucern, peas, chickling) are multiplied. 200 ha are covered with mercantile corn. Special attention is directed towards the production of high-quality seed cultivars, the property of the head company, such as the cultivar of winter triticale Rtanj and rye Sampion. Modern mechanization with constant improvement in production technology have provided annual yields and product quality exceeding average annual yields in Serbia, but in neighbouring countries as well.

In dry land farming conditions annual yields reach over 5.5 t/ha, with average yield of winter wheat over 6.2 t/ha, triticale Rtanj over 5.1 t/ha, and rye Sampion over 4000 kg/ha.

Such production was followed by appropriate storage areas and processing of seeds in the floor warehouse with the capacity of over 3100 t. During processing campaign, more than 3000 t of high-quality crop seeds are processed, stored, sold and exported through Agromarket distribution network. 

PD Zaječar is also famous for production of seed sunflower, hybrid originating both from domestic and foreign selection houses. Year in, year out, depending on the hybrid, average yields have been between 800 and 1300 kg/ha. At the same time, mercantile sunflower is grown with average yields over 2.8 t/ha. Depending on the year, winter or spring seed peas are grown on more than 40 hectares giving around 3000 kg/ha per year. Apart from stubble crops, mercantile corn of early FAO maturity group covers the majority of land- 250 ha, giving more than 5.5 t/ha.  

PD Zaječar is more recognizable abroad than in the country by its production and processing of sour cherry and plums. 12-year old sour cherry plantation, the “Oblacinska” cv., on more than 80 ha gives over 900 t of quality fruit. Additional 45 ha of sour cherry were planted in 2012 and 2013 to fill the modern 1500 t-cold storage plant. 1500 t of quality sour cherry fruit is bought from individual producers each year as well. Ground basis for building this modern cold storage were also plum trees, “Stanley” cv. six years old and producing over 190 t of excellent fruit to be frozen. Complete technology of protection and nourishment has been performed on sour cherry and plum plantations, prepared by professional teams from Agromarket and Fertico, abiding the rules on residues of pesticides and macro and micro elements and as such exported to the very demanding markets of the EU and USA. Over 3200 t of excellent quality of D/Z cherry pittied, cherry in alcohol, cherry in kirsch, cherry in liquor, blackberry and rose hip are all exported from PD Zaječar cold storage into the world. Quality system ISO 22000 ( DAS Certified) is the additional guarantee of quality.

PD Zaječar, where in production conditions new pesticides and fertilizers from Agromarket are used, represents the link between primary production and end users.