Vegetables are grown on 290 000 ha in Serbia, which is 6% of total arable area. Annual production is 2.2 million tons of various vegetable products of 620 million dollars value and 12% of total value of agricultural production. In line with this production, flower production has also been expanding. Dominating vegetables are tomato, cabbage, peas at 20 000 ha and paprika and beans at 18-19000 ha. In the last few years surfaces under green-houses have been increasing as well.

Agromarket has been bringing the products of the Italian company Franchi sementi closer to customers in Serbia for 10 years. Offer of vegetable and flower seeds is extremely wide, both for professional seeds and hobby programme.

Since 2008, as a result of good cooperation with Italian company, Agromarket has presented its own brand of seed vegetables and flowers Villager and has been distributing it ever since.

Franchi sementi – one of the oldest seed companies, founded in 1783 when the founder of the company, Giovanni Franchi, used to sell the seed at markets. Today there are more than 80 different seeds for professionals as well as for amateurs. Apart from exquisite quality what differentiates this seed is attractive design of the hermetically closed package of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Vegetable and flowers seeds, depending on the package, are divided into Mini, Virimax and Magnum lines. The offer contains 60 types of seeds and 40 sorts of vegetables - tomato, paprika, cabbage, cucumber, watermelon, radish, zucchini, red beet, etc.. There is also big selection of leguminous seeds (green beans, peas), stock beet and herb seeds Jolly, Olimpico, Sunny, Regenerazione and Grand Gala, packages 0.5, 0.7 and 5.0 kg, as well as new product Dichondra repens in 100 g-package. Special valuable result of this cooperation is 87 types of different flowers and 9 sorts of herbs in various packages.