Pesticide Factory Bački Petrovac

Factory for production and formulation of plant protection products from Bački Petrovac is working within the company Agromarket from the year of 2015. This plant fulfills all preconditions, with help and support from the main company, to break out as one of leading pesticide producers in Serbia.

Production is conceived according to latest EU standards with the most modern equipment and that provides maximum protection for human and his environment.

Agromarket DOO has been certified for quality management system in 2022 by the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 international standard. Certification was performed by certification body SGS, Belgrade.




Certificate of ISO 9001 quality system

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 Quality policy 

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Quality control service within the Factory for production and formulation of plant protection products in Bački Petrovac consists of Department for Quality control and Agromarket laboratory.



Agromarket laboratory conducts physical and chemical examinations of pesticide formulations, technical active ingredients, and sampling in accordance with the rulebook on methods for testing plant protection products.

Agromarket laboratory is certified by the ISO 17025:2017 quality system of examination and sampling of plant protection products, from the year 2018. 


Certificate of accreditation

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The scope of accreditation of Agromarket laboratory can be found at the ATS website number 01-476.


Quality policy statement

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Goran Bogojević, BA in Technology, Technical manager of laboratory



Daniela Cinkocki, BA in Chemistry, Manager of Quality control service