Fertico – Niš


The company Fertico, Niš was founded in 2004 as a company for production of specialized mineral crystal soluble nutrients for “drop by drop” systems, as well as foliar fertigation. Since 2007 the company has been operating as a part of Agromarket Group.  The main brand of the company is Fitofert, currently the only domestic brand in this category of fertilizers, which successfully competes with famous foreign brands in Serbia and the region with its quality, assortment and packaging.

Fitofert characteristics and assortment completely satisfy the needs of intensive agricultural production, in the open as well as in closed space. Our production lines are equipped with high-quality devices, providing maximal homogenization of components and equal quality. Special attention is paid to numeration and labeling of each product, and quality control constantly monitors each produced batch. Apart from internal control, our products are subjected to external control of certified laboratories so that each Fitofert nutrient is of multiple controlled quality.

Since its foundation, company’s orientation has been the production of nutrients supporting professional agriculture production, but satisfying the demands of the “hobby-garden” market as well. Based on these goals, the production programme has been established consisting of the following categories of water-soluble and liquid nutrients:


  • Compound NPK nutrients
  • Straight mono or two-component nutrients
  • Liquid NPK nutrients
  • Mineral nutrients based on micro and secondary elements
  • Organic-mineral nutrients
  • Hobby substrates


Production and sale of products are continually growing. Current capacity is over 2000 t of nutrients per year. Considering the trend of constant increase of consumption of this group of products, the increase of production capacities to 5000 t per year has been projected up to 2015.

New concept of product placement for Fitofert nutrients is a unique Agro-service, operating since 2010. Proper plant nutrition, as the most complex area in intensive agricultural production, has become accessible to users of Fitofert products. Purchasing Fitofert nutrients the users also get professional recommendation for their usage. Equipped with devices for measuring different parameters relevant for plant nutrition, as well as appropriate software for data optimization, specialists for plant nutrition monitor the production of a large number of agricultural producers and offer professional advice, thus influencing the increase and quality of their yield.

Consumers of Fitofert products are professional growers of crops, vegetables, herbs, fruits and grapevines. Fertico products complete the whole offer (seeds, pesticides, garden programme) provided by distributive network of Agromarket, Kragujevac.