Privacy policy

We are dedicated to respecting our visitors’ rights to privacy. This Privacy policy explains how Your personal data are gathered, stored and used when you visit our website. Our primary assignment is to protect Your personal data during Your visit to our website. Through Declaration about the protection of personal data, we would like to inform You about the data Agromarket doo gathers during Your visit to our website, and how these are used.

You agree that during Your visit to our website, we can gather general information which is not used as personal data (which means that this information is not registered). Web servers used for that purpose can gather the following data: the name of Your Internet provider, the web address from which You are visiting, web addresses you visit during Your stay on our website, Your IP address etc. This data is analyzed anonymously and is used exclusively for enhancing our website in terms of attractiveness, content and functionality.

Please read this Privacy policy carefully before You start using our website, because the terms of this Privacy policy will apply to You when using our website. We recommend that You print and keep the copy of this Privacy policy for future use. By accessing, browsing and using our website, You confirm that you accept this Privacy policy and that you agree with its terms. If you do not want Your data to be used as stated in this Privacy policy, You should not use our website. Your use of our website, including any sort of inquiry, is regulated by the conditions of our Business policy, as well as the Website Terms and Conditions, which are stated on the website. Please take some time to carefully read these, because they contain important conditions and terms which apply to You.

Who are we?
For the needs of the General Data Protection Regulation, Your personal data is gathered and processed by the company Agromarket doo.

What kind of information do we gather?
When You visit our website, you agree that we can gather: Information such as Your IP address, type and version of Your browser and other anonymous data that we gather when You use and browse our website, so that it can help us improve our website and the services we offer You. Your personal information such as first and last name, address, telephone number and email address, the data of registration on the website or the date of the inquiry You sent. The first time You register on the website (even if you have not registered before that), we will know who You are and we will be able to link the information we gather about Your activities (via the Internet, mobile phone, computer, tablets etc.) to You. Personal data is gathered only if it is given to us when registering, or through filling in forms or sending emails, as well as by sending other inquiries or requests.This data is gathered in terms of the Article 12, Paragraph 1, Item 3 regarding the Article 14, Paragraph 2, Item 3 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the Republic of Serbia. The personal data gathered, is kept and available according to personal, subject or any other basis, within the collection of data, for which the data manager is responsible. The way of using the database and Your information gathered in the manner described, is such that these remain the property of the company Agromarket doo.

In that sense, by registering with our portal, You, as the buyer-user, give consent that Agromarket doo gathers and processes the following data (futher on: data processing): Your (user) personal data stated in the registration form and data about Your (user) inquiries. The mentioned consent for data processing is given for the purpose of introducing Agromarket doo with Your shopping habits, for informative purposes, and for our other needs related to doing business. As a visitor, you are familiar with the right that you can completely withdraw this statement of consent at any given moment. By withdrawing this statement of consent, the processing of Your data will stop entirely, as well as Your registration with us. As a visitor, you are familiar with the right that you can partially withdraw this statement of consent for data processing at any given time.

As we have previously stated, the visitor has the right to, in written form, revoke the consent for personal data processing at any given moment. For that purpose, it is enough to send us an email to our contact email address:

What do we do with information gathered?
The main reason we use such information (Your personal data) is to offer You excellent products and services, as well as to inform You about the quality of our products and services, i.e. to give You the opportunity to be informed about the additional information related to the company Agromarket doo.

We also use such information to:

  • Respond to Your questions;
  • Develop and improve our products and services;
  • Conduct statistics, market research, examination and research for the purpose of managing our
  • website and our internal processes;
  • Improve our website, as well as to ensure that the content presented on the website is in the
  • most efficient manner, suitable for You and Your computer, phone, tablet etc. ;
  • Inform You about the changes to our website, or the changes in our services;
  • Measure and analyze the efficiency of promoting our products and services;
  • Provide You with the information about products or services that we think you could be
  • interested in.

You agree that we can keep the copies of any correspondence You send us, and we will keep the information about Your registration. Any personal data You send us, and any information through which we can identify You, we keep and maintain in accordance with the General Personal Data Regulation.

Whom do we share this information with?
Your personal data will in no way be forwarded to third parties by us, or the people acting according to our instructions, i.e. we can share Your personal data only with our related companies and chosen third parties who perform certain services for us (such as for instance the agency doing direct marketing), and who will use the data stated only for providing the services we requested. The companies we hire on any basis, can use Your personal data strictly in accordance with our instructions and they cannot be used for other purposes, unless in some extreme conditions, but only on the legal basis, or at the request of the state authorities. We also require from all the people we cooperate with, to treat Your personal data as confidential and in accordance with the effective regulations of the Republic of Serbia, which are related to personal data protection.

Where do we keep your personal data?
The data we collect from You can be transferred or kept by chosen third parties. By entering Your personal data, you agree to such data transfering, keeping and processing. We will conduct all reasonable steps to ensure that You data is treated as confidential and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Your personal data is kept for as long as we are providing the services you requested, or for which you
have given us permission, under the condition that it is not against the positive regulations about personal data protection. The company Agromarket doo, i.e. the data manager and the person in charge of data processing, takes technical, staff and organizational measures of security to protect the information you have made available from inadvertent or deliberate violation, loss, destruction, changes- or from unauthorized accessing. In the case of collecting and processing personal data, information will be forwarded in code, in order to prevent them being violated by the third parties. Our measures of data security are constanly checked in accordance with the technical achievements. Unfortunately, data transferring via the Internet is not entirely safe. Even though we will make sure to protect Your personal data in any case, we cannot guarantee their safety, i.e. safe transfer of any data that has been transferted to our website, or from our website, and any data transfer you make is at Your own risk.

Fishing (data stealing)
Fishing is the term which stands for someone attempting to steal user’s personal data or data related to his/her account. ’’Fishers’’ use false electronic messages that lead the user to falsified websites, where the user, based on such scam, enters his/her personal data, such as credit card numbers, usernames or passwords, and by the appearance of the website create the illusion that the user is at the desired website.If you receive such messages or someone requests a password from You, claiming they work for us, please report such situations through our contact form on the website, or directly to our company’s email address:

What are Your rights?
You, as the user, have the right to request from the data manager to truthfully and entirely informs You about the processing of personal data, provide You the access to the gathered data related to You, allow you to copy them, in accordance with the General Personal Data Regulation and accompanying regulations. Data manager is required, at Your request, to inform you and provide You with access to Your data without delay, and at the latest 15 days from the day You filed the request. Also, you have the right to check, correct, add, update or delete Your information kept by the data manager, if You deem them to be outdated or incorrect. For that purpose, it is enough that You send the changes to our contact email address to the person in charge of the data processing, to the following email address:

Connecting to other websites
It can happen that You are connected to other websites, which are not under our control and over which we have no influence. After You leave our website, You agree that we cannot be held responsible for protecting the privacy, confidentiality or any other information or data that You have received from such websites.

Changes in our Privacy Policy
Any sort of adjustments or changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on our website, and is therefore recommended that you check it from time to time. You agree that we keep the right to make adequate changes, at any moment, even in the case of changing positive regulations. If You have a problem, question or idea, please contact us with a suggestion. Due to continuous development of the Internet, it is neccessary that we adjust the Statement of personal data protection from time to time.

How to contact us?
If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, contact us at the address:

Agromarket doo,
Kraljevačkog bataljona 235/2
34000 Kragujevac, Serbia
or send us an email to: