Seed treatment

Seed treatment of agricultural cultivars is a constant and necessary measure in order to incapacitate harmful factors being transmitted through seed or already existing in soil.

Fungicide selected for the treatment of stubble crop seeds should first of all have the satisfying efficiency of controlling pests causing smut (Tilletia) and black smut (Ustilago tritici). As far as insecticides for corn seed treatment are concerned the product should show good efficiency toward click beetle (Elateridae), scarab beetles (Scarabeidae), Colorado corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera), corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) as well as repelling effect on birds.

Selection of the product should be synchronized with the health of the seed and span of action of active ingredients. Unfortunately, agricultural producers often pay more attention to the price of the product than its efficiency when selecting the product for this purpose.


Class: Seed treatment product

Active ingredient: Tebuconazole 60g

Formulation: FS- concentrated suspension for seed treatment

Package: 1l, 5 l, 10 l



Active ingredient: Difenokonazol 30 g/l

Formulation: FS

Package: 5l