PIK Južni Banat

PIK Južni Banat

PIK Južni Banat

“From farm to fork” is what Agromarket Group is about. The beginning but also the ending in the whole chain belongs to one of the most prominent members – PIK “Južni Banat” from Bela Crkva. 

Agro-industrial complex Južni Banat was founded in 1960, in Bela Crkva. It was created by a group of young enthusiasts and experts gathered around the same goal – to produce high-quality fruits and offer the best product to the market.

Today, Južni Banat is a company with more than 120 employees and is constantly spreading. The annual production volume is 20.000.000 kilograms of fruit. The primary focus of the company is export, which makes 90% of the total profit. The largest amounts of fruit are exported to Russia, but the company is  also present in the region and the EU countries.

Globally, PIK Južni Banat is best known for its top-notch apple varieties. On more than 210ha, they grow 7 different apple varieties, 50ha are under seedlings of peaches and nectarines, and 35ha are covered with grapevine. Each fruit is hand-picked, and the buyers receive only carefully chosen fruit.

During the preparation of fruit for the market, it is ensured that all the quality standards are satisfied. In its production system, Južni Banat has: 

  • The latest machine for pre-classification, Maf Roda, with the capacity of 10t/h
  • Packaging machine with 2 lines and the capacity of 4-6t/h per line
  • Cold storage with 21 chambers, with ULO and DCA atmosphere and 2 regal chambers, capacity 6.000t

Each product is packed in accordance with the latest standards, in order to offer top-notch quality of fruits. Currently, there are 4 different types of apple packaging, which guarantee that the clients receive high-quality apples with original taste.

  • CRATES: 500x300x260
  • BAGS: 1,5/2 kg
  • BOXES: 600x400x180
  • BUSHEL BOX: 18kg

PIK Južni Banat is dedicated to constant development and research, thus in its property is also a nursery in which they plant new ’’knip’’ and ‘’magnum’’ seedlings. Thanks to the nursery, their new orchards are created from their own seed material. Annually, they offer the market more than 300.000 certified seedlings of apple, 500.000 certified apple and quince rootstocks and circa 500.000 certified buds of apple and pear.


  • Idared
  • Golden Delicious
  • Braeburn
  • Gala
  • Red Delicious
  • Granny Smith
  • Red Jonaprince



  • Royal Glory
  • Red Haven
  • Suncrest
  • Fayette
  • Summerset 
  • Rita Star 
  • Big Top 
  • Caldezi 2000
  • Stark Red Gold 



  • Victoria 
  • Moldova
  • Muscat Hamburg 
  • Black Burgundy